The Event

So What is TimeQuake?

The V.S.S. are probably the most experienced Steampunk event organisers in the World. Not only are we the creators of Weekend at the Asylum, the Planet’s largest steampunk festival where a City becomes steampunk for four days we also have a decade of experience in running hotel based events, events in parks, museums, clubs and bars and even taking over holiday camps.  We have also brought Steampunk to more than fifty comicons in the form of art exhibitions, stages and activities. For TimeQuake we have developed something new - a steampunk Expo!

We are teaming up with Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester and the organisers of For the Love of Sci Fi which has a reputation for breaking the mould on Comicons with huge replica props, sets and amazing guests. All in all the stage is set for a fabulous new event.

With everything under a huge single roof you will find scores of traders with steampunk and geeky goodies, exhibitions of Steampunk artwork and costumes, full scale props and set builds, our stages and talk areas with guest speakers and performers plus interactive features and presentations as you would expect from any great event. Of course there will be plenty of refreshments and a bar available too.

TimeQuake Zones

TimeQuake has special zones where we focus on different aspects of anachronistic geekery as well as our main generic steampunk zone. Naturally we have dieselpunk and atompunk zones for those who like to draw on later influences but on a larger scale you will be able to explore the post apocalypse zone where a dystopian future awaits. Whether you are a fan of Fallout or Mad Max or just concerned about the rise of the Walking Dead this is an area where the end of the world is not the end of fun. Wild Wild West was one of the ground breaking TV series and later movies to inform Steampunk as a genre and aesthetic with Westworld also inspiring many. TimeQuake’s Western Zone awaits. Finally the wizarding zone with its reconstructed Groundskeeper’s Hut is a great area for those who like their steampunk to include magic.


Of course we expect you to explore all of the areas and enjoy everything the event has to offer. With a two day weekend you should have every opportunity including the chance to wear different outfits and themes over the course of the show. Steampunk is inherently creative and inclusive so even if there is not a zone especially for you don't think you are unwelcome. The more creativity and imagination the better so if you like your style to be lacepunk or pirates or even a twist of samurai or aliens come along and enjoy an event where the audience looks as spectacular as the performers.

 TimeQuake is set to become one of the main steampunk events in the U.K. if not the world. Don't miss being at TimeQuake 1

Evening features at TimeQuake

Like all the best steampunk events TimeQuake has evening options for folks who want to make a weekend of it. These are separate ticketed features so the choice to attend is entirely yours. On Friday evening we have our “Landing Party” with SteamWars whilst on Saturday evening we have The Cataclysm Ball.