One of the great strengths and appeals of Steampunk is that you can take an existing genre or fandom and “punk it”.  Star Wars has massive appeal and steampunk Star Wars or “SteamWars” is always incredibly popular. For TimeQuake we have the first SteamWars themed party.

Create your best Star Wars inspired mash up outfit and come along on Friday evening. As you walk in you will step from Manchester’s concrete streets to the sandy floor of a Jakku marketplace.  With stalls offering exotic wares, food and drink you can mingle with the crowd and of course have the perfect photo backdrop to record your own character and outfit.  Passing through the marketplace you can go into the Cantina - our bar for the evening - where you can purchase drinks both mundane and fantastical and enjoy the reconstructed splendour of SteamWars.


Entertainments will be immersive and participative. From music and games to the exotic and creative. We aren't going to say too much as that would spoil the fun of exploring this unique world and opportunity. Dress to impress and look forward to an absolutely unique experience.

Scarlet Butterfly

SteamWars would not be complete without entertainers as well as our totally amazing immersive experience. We are delighted to have the incredible Scarlet Butterfly with a dramatic, high energy Star Wars inspired aerial performance of two halves! In this act, created exclusively for debut at Timequake, Scarlet Butterfly plays the role of Queen Padme Amidala in a theatrical pole dance that transforms part way through to incorporate not one, but two stunning costumes! A mindblowing and unique aerial show of which you will never have seen the like of anywhere before!

Victor & The Bully

Since SteamWars offers the very best of steampunk then we can’t ask for more than the amazing Victor and the Bully. From the depths of South East London, Victor and the Bully Armed with only a Ukulele, a Guitar, some moustache wax and a touch of Brylcreem to a create a of twisted cabaret-like sound. Using honky tonk piano, violins, trumpets and anything they get get their filthy mits on to back them creates a 'Carnival blend' inspired by steampunk, swing, mariachi, classical and punk to blow the cobwebs away and get your feet tapping!

Cantina Space Bar

Death Star Trash Compactor Set


  • Steampunk R2-D2
  • Steampunk Star Wars Cosplayers
  • Lightsaber Training Classes
  • and more!