Steam Wizards

SteamWizard Tournament

We welcome the Ministry of Steam Wizards to Time Quake. The Ministry will be hosting a Steam Wizard Tournament! We wish you the very best of luck for the tournament ahead. Wands at the ready!

Animatronic Dobby

Hear the tale of the three brothers from our magical, moving and talking Dobby the House Elf! Dobby's mouth and arm move whilst holding his wand overhead and alight. Lumos!

Hagrid's Hut

An amazing recreation of Rubeus Hagrid's hut as seen on the grounds of Hogwarts in the movies. Will you find Fang or the groundskeeper inside? Who knows, the place could do with a sweep though, anyone have a broom?


  • Steam Wizard Cosplayers (Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts/Lord of the Rings/DiscWorld/etc)
  • and more!