You may be a huge fan of Mad Max, Walking Dead or games such as Fallout. You may prefer your imagined future to be dystopian and rough and ready. This Zone is especially for you. Our Post Apocalypse Zone is just the place to hang out if you are a zombie, war boy, Tank girl or vault dweller. Displays include set builds and vehicles for the best photo opportunities and garnering ideas. A talk area, traders, and a shooting range with some of the latest GBB weapons as used in the film industry make this a great place to explore, hang out and share your creativity.


The World’s leading Post Apocalypse Band V2A are with us for the weekend and will be leading presentations and teaching you how to enter the P.A. world as well as performing. On Saturday night we have the inaugural Cataclysm Ball. Dress for the end of the world and enjoy a fantastic night of music and partying. 

Flesh Tetris

Pop music for unpopular people. Retro SciFi Eurotrash armed to the teeth with barbed pop hooks and weaponised synths.

V2A Buggy




  • Steampunk Post-Apocalypse cosplayers
  • and more!