Do I need a costume?

Whilst you don’t have to be wearing a costume at TimeQuake it is positively encouraged. This is a great opportunity to add to the party with your own creativity and imagination. With our Steampunk, Dieselpunk, SteamWars and Post Apocalypse zones offering some amazing backdrops and photo opportunities this is your chance to be photographed as the character you would love to be. We will be offering spot prizes for outfits which catch our eye too. You might want to become a pirate, rebel, war boy, gunslinger or refined adventurer. We want to see your imagination and creativity. The world of fantasy is your oyster.

Weapons Policy

Weapons are often a key part of costumes but your safety is paramount. Sorry but you may not bring any form of real weapon such as knives, swords, firearms (including airsoft guns) etc. Props which can be used as weapons (for example baseball bats) are best portrayed with softfoam versions etc. There will be weapons checks on entry and we reserve the right to refuse entry so please just be sensible. This is not there to spoil your fun - we have lots going on so you don’t need a real weapon to have a good time - it is purely sensible precautions to keep everyone safe. Nerf guns are welcome and there will be a shootout in the Western Zone. We will also have a shooting range with some of the latest GBB weapons as used regularly in filming so you will be able to get a picture of yourself with some pretty tasty guns if you really wish to make sure you don’t feel you have missed an opportunity.

Be prepared

Please consider your costume and how it impacts on others. This is a family show so keep it decent especially graffiti on outfits etc. If you have large props or accessories (e.g. wings) be aware it may be crowded and these will be potentially a problem poking other visitors or knocking into displays etc. Take care or we may have to ask you to remove them. A useful tip from the pro-costumers is to have an unencumbered friend or two to act as spotters to makesure you don’t walk into anything.

In Summary

The summary is simple - be as creative as you want. Let us see your imagination on display but stick to the law, keep it safe and be fair to other visitors.