TimeQuake is an exciting new event that aims to be quite different from other steampunk and popular culture conventions. Drawing predominantly from the vibrant world of Steampunk we are expanding our remit slightly to a wider “Alternate History” theme. The main premise however is that the event should be immersive and visually exciting. We are asking traders to take this on board in how they participate in the event. A quick glance at the images below will give you an idea of part of the offering for our guests. We hope you feel you can rise to the challenge and add to this so we can create an amazing environment for TimeQuake.

Traders can apply for the following areas:

  • Marketsquare - the main market.
  • Museum Quarter - taking inspiration from the left bank of the Seine. Perfect for artists, comicbooks, authors etc.
  • Deadman’s Gulch - around the western street and ideally for steamwestern friendly traders.
  • Darkhold NEW for 2019 a fantasy Zone for fae and magical creatures including our popular steamwizard features.
  • Desolation - Our specifically post apocalypse zone inspired by Fallout, Mad Max and Zombie features etc
  • Trader/Exhibitors - Exhibiting artists displaying works that are inspirational and not for sale but with scope for sales too. These will be positioned throughout the venue.

Please note - everything is under one roof and the whole event designed to get people to wander around and explore

As is normal trading will be heavily curated. We want traders who are contributing to the wider event and also to maker culture. We will also be selecting traders with different lines to avoid one particular product being over represented for the benefit of all involved.

So what will it cost to trade?

Please note
Everyone working or helping out on your stand must have their own ticket for the weekend. You will be able to purchase these with your stand. You can earn credit to cover these tickets by offering programme features.


  • A 6’x6’ empty space for your stand is charged at £70. 
  • A 12’x6’ space is £140.


Trader Exhibitors may have a 6’x6’ space for goods for sale for £50 with a further space provided for exhibits free of charge. If you can offer a physically visually interesting stall by providing a shell, stand or decorated cover etc then additional space can be provided for free to accommodate this and reward your ingenuity and commitment. The very best offerings may also receive their space free of charge and may qualify for discounts on their weekend tickets too.

Sound complicated?
It is a indeed a little tricky. Basically we want to reward people financially for getting into the swing of things with an interestingly presented trade stand. An interesting presentation should also be more attractive to customers. If you just want to turn up with your table and trade this is of course perfectly acceptable but we will not be offering you additional free space or discounts on your fees. 

Some ideas for how to make your stand fit in

  • Theatrical style flats etc to create a backdrop or even a shop.
  • Traditional market stalls and canopy.
  • Printed backdrops and stands for them.
  • Alternatives to tables - boxes, oil drums, corrugated sheets laid on trestles for Day Zero, prebuilt and themed stands etc.
  • Easels, umbrellas etc for Museum Quarter.Stands may be available against a wall - there is a girder at 12’ height suitable for hanging backdrops from. 


If it looks great we will find space for it so you get a larger stand for your money. Set up will be from Good Friday morning so you will also have plenty of time to get it ready.

How do I apply to trade?

This is a new venture. Everyone MUST apply to trade. You will not automatically be offered a space.

Write to

The subject line must read “TimeQuake Trade Application from (name of your business)”

Please use the following format
(Copy and paste this into your email)

  • Name of applicant:
  • Name of business:
  • Telephone and email:
  • A description of ALL the items I wish to offer for sale. (I understand that if I do not include something here I may not be permitted to sell it at the event or I may have my trade stand cancelled.) Please list your primary product lines FIRST. 
  • Be as clear and comprehensive as you can. Is the product type made by yourself from scratch, modified, bought in etc.)
  • The Area(s) I am interested in trading in. (Marketsquare, Museum Quarter, etc, see top of page for list)
  • I intend to do the following to make my stand visually impressive. (Pictures, sketches, and a written description help.) This MUST include a sketch of your planned layout and the total amount of space this would require. 
  • Number of staff tickets I will require including one for myself.
  • I would like to offer the following contribution to the event programme (this may be a talk, demonstration, workshop or an ongoing feature at your stand throughout the day.) Please enter none if you wish solely to trade.
  • Additional comments.

What will happen next?

Spaces will be allocated as applications come in. It may take up to fourteen days to process your application. If you are successful you will be offered a space and a total price. If you are to be offered a totally free space we may ask you for a deposit which will be refunded at the event. You will have fourteen days to pay your fees/deposit. Your set up information will be supplied with your confirmation of booking. 

Terms & Conditions

  • You must have public liability insurance to participate.
  • Your stall must be safe and designed with public safety in mind.
  • All goods must be of commercial quality, fit for purpose and comply with trading standards and law.
  • Your application constitutes part of a contract to participate. Deviating from it may result in your invitation to trade being revoked on the day without refund.
  • You may not stall share or carry stock for any other person without express advance consent.
  • An invitation to trade is subject to considerate and polite conduct at the event.
  • No tables/shells, furniture or equipment including electricity will be supplied unless agreed at the application stage. 

Have any questions?